Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Update a bit late

okies so I havent updated this blog, so sue me. Actually Ive been creating so there!
Anyway I have a mask to show that I gave as a Xmas present to the hosts of the LARP that I play in. Its a creepy funny face and its silver. She likes scary clowns and her character likes shiny things so I made it for both of them. The texture (kind of a bubbly appearance) was a happy accident as it rained when I was spray painting. I kind of think this may be reproduced more evenly by using squirt bottle. Its not a smooth perfect finish but its a more interesting texture. Kind of like salting a painting.

and me wearing it

Here are some images before I painted
This one was made with the method of play dough on a styrofoam head. I have great results with this method although there is a major problem with having to scrape playdough out of the crevices if I made moulds etc before doing this step that would solve problem but its a lot of extra work for similar result so I continue this method until I find a labor compromise.

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