Friday, February 19, 2010

Raven Mocker

A friend asked me to do a raven mask. Its made on a wire framework, with a movable mouth that is supposed to clap up and down with the movement of the persons jaw. the lower edge of the inside of beak rests on the chin and when you make a exagerated motion to open mouth it opens the beak. This method will be revised in later masks to include a adjustable strap on chin that may improve movement and comfort.

Mask has one open eye hole like a visor, I thought about meshing it in like I did on horse but this is to wear to LARP and I think that eyes show expression so having part of the wearers face exposed is more comfortable for both the wearer and the other LARPers.

This is Joshua wearing the mask.
Painted flat black with handpainted blue and grey feather accents. The feathers on beaks nose are actually fake fur as ravens have that weird bump of hair like fine feathers. The feather sections of papier mache are actually fragile next time I will start with a base of craft foam for thin bits, I laminated the feather shape in paper but the glue makes it somewhat brittle. Maybe a epoxy instead of wallpaper would be semi flexible.

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