Thursday, October 1, 2009

What im Working on now:

Ok, last week I spent days working on a repaint of my Nerf Maverick to make her steampunky, dont know why or what I will use it for since my LARP storyteller said no to bringing it.. but thats ok Ill find a future use for her and damn she looks purdy on my wall.
About half way done with my Manticore mask, it fits well but there be shrinkage wich made it uncomfortable to wear on Sunday to the game. Also some of the teeth bent wich I will have to re-inforce. She looks good but I need to make more bead things for the mane and finish her paint job.

Been working on top secret videos for the husband and having a interesting adaptation on the secret sharing fantasy where Im showing video's of myself eating pudding erotically to strangers. Interesting fantasy maybe ill make a pudding vid for my Utube.... fully clothed of course!

Speaking of video, Ive been thinking about doing something for Changeling where I interview characters about their escapes from the Hedge. Will ask people if their interested but It would be a fun way of documenting all of the characters people play. Im so sad sometimes about all of the work I put into creating RPG stuff that dissapears over time into the ether of cyberspace. How many characters have I created and where are they now?

Here is the manticore mask:
I added some hair wraps with cheetah print etc and some beads. The effect is somewhat African inspired.

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