Thursday, October 8, 2009

Little progresses

I fixed up the manticore mask a bit, though I think it is more of a continual work in progress. Painted scorpion tail on seat of pants and winding down leg to go with it, so far its a black outline with minor shading im debating on wether to highlight in red since the pants are a kakhi green I dont want it to end up looking xmassy.

Starting on a mononoke mask tonight, im going to try a layer of seran wrap over my clay to make it easier to remove, but im worried that it will retain humidity on the inside so the mask wont dry, I believe thats why I had so much curlage on one of my previous masks uneven drying of the inside vs outside. I plan on making mask oversized to combat this issue.

Other than that not much on the work bench, I did some video editing on a private project for my husbands Bday. Turned out very well if I do say, Though I learned a lot. Like for instance to keep my mouth shut for the first viewing, no one likes the directors cut with commentary. :)

LARP game tomorrow night.
Hope to see some new faces, but mostly hoping to have some of the familiars come back, makes it more fun when you can plan ongoing story lines and my character is looking for new ways of hunting.

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